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Below are a few video clips of my guitars in action.

Here's a little clip by Lucas Crossley demonstrating the Scarab ST guitar:

Here's a clip of Nadav Tabak, an incredible guitarist, playing a bunch of different styles and showing off a few of the guitar designs:

And some Printed Blues with the Wang Dang Dudes:

And Johan Segeborn testing and Atom 3D printed guitar through a '68 Marshall Plexi 50W and '76 Marshall Super Lead:


Steampunk 3D Printed Guitar Played By Darnell S. Taylor at Viktorian Guitars Booth at NAMM:


Steampunk guitar beiing played by Shian Hirsch At Viktorian NAMM Showcase:

And clip of my 3d printed aluminium guitar:

Here's a little clip showing how my guitars are made:




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