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Our instruments are, generally, made to order to suit your needs and preferences. At the time of order, you can specify the colour you want, any particular hardware you would like to use, and any other customisation you may want. Guitars are a very personal tool, so though we will have certain high-quality hardware that we use on our standard instruments, you are in no ways forced to use these and we will happily do what we can to integrate your preferred hardware into your instrument.

Our pricing structure is pretty simple:

  • Single colour regular size guitars, printed in SLS, cost US$3500

  • And guitars with intricate air-brushed paint jobs, printed in SLS, cost US$4000

These prices include quite a bit of customisation, including neck wood material, inner core material, colour choices, pickups and hardware (within reason, of course), your name or logo 3D printed into the back of the guitar, etc.

Guitars can be ordered directly from ODD Guitars by emailing us. To begin the process, simply send an email to Olaf Diegel and we can begin discussing your requirements.

International orders and inquiries are, of course, always welcome. We can ship anywhere. Please note, however, that any additional taxes, duties, or fees imposed will be the customers responsibility.


Lead time is entirely dependent on hardware options and whether, or not, we have the hardware in stock. Typically, the lead time is mainly determined by the time it takes to order the guitar neck, and to do the paint-job, which is normally around 8 weeks.

Once you order a guitar, we will send you weekly updates, including pictures, showing you the progress on your instrument.


Shipping costs are NOT included in the indicative prices shown on the other pages of this website as they vary too much from country to country. The customer is therefore responsible for all shipping, handling and declared value charges. As soon as you contact us, we will do what we can to help you with finding out shipping conditions, and help you to find out the exact cost to ship your guitar to you.

Care and attention is taken to insure your instrument arrives safely, and our shipping recommendations vary according to your location and weather conditions. All guitars will be shipped in a hard-case to ensure they reach you in perfect condition



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