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Hive 3D Printed Bass Guitar

The Hive 3D printed bass guitar: A bass guitar with a hexagon motif and bees on the inside. The bodies are printed, using Selective Laser Sintering, by 3D Systems, on an sPro 230 SLS system. The material being used for these guitars is Duraform PA which is a very strong form of Nylon. The resolution for the prints was 0.1mm (which means that each layer that makes up the guitar body is 0.1mm thick). The guitars feature a wooden inner core (choices of Mahogany or Maple, etc.) that links the neck to the bridge, which allows us to customize the sustain and tone of the instrument to suit the musician, and a number of options for hardware, etc.

Price: US$3500, incl hard case, excl shipping.

This includes the following example specifications:


  • Neck: Warmoth Pro Angled maple neck with rosewood fret board, 22 frets, 34" scale, Corian nut, 6150 sized frets, inlay dots

  • Nut: White Corian

  • Body: 3D printed Duraform PA outer body, with CNC machined mahogany inner core, Dyed and painted orange with chrome trim.

  • Schaller 463, 4 String Roller Bridge, Chrome

  • Pickups: EMG Hz 35 passive pickups. Active pickups available as option.

  • Tuning heads: Gotoh GB7 Bass Tuners, Chrome

  • Controls: Pickup select switch, 1 x Volume knob, 1 x Tone knob

  • Other: Schaller Strap Locks, D'Addario strings, hard case for safe shipping

Each guitar is custom made to order to suit your needs. Click HERE to email us and discuss your requirements.

And a few close-ups of the bees that live inside the guitar:

And a few other angles of the bass body...





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