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Here's a little clip showing the overall construction process of ODD guitars:


In terms of construction ODD Guitars are, effectively, normal electric guitars. To provide the best possible sustain, and to allow fine tuning of the guitar's tone, we use a wooden inner core to join the guitar bridge to the neck. Depending on the wood we use (typically mahogany or maple) the sustain and acoustic tone of the guitar is affected. Other things that affect the tone include the neck and fret board material. We generally use maple for the neck, and choose either ebony or rosewood for the fret board, with ebony typically giving a brighter tone than the rosewood. But the pickups, generally, have the greatest impact on the sound of the guitar.

As Spider LP body in the process of being laser sintered:

And a few pics of the Spider LP being depowdered:

The natural colour of the nylon material the guitars are printed out of is white. To achieve our final colur, we now use a two-step process:

We first dye them using clothe dye. Every guitar's colour is unique as, the longer the guitar stays in the dye, the darker it gets, This means that no two guitars will ever be exactly the same shade of colour. The dye allows us to get the colour we want into all the intricate internal parts of the body that we cannot reach with spray paint.

We then spray-paint the outside of the body with coloured lacquer, which gives us a nice surface finish on all the most visible surfaces, and finally clear coat the guitar with satin lacquer.

The final assembly of a small production run in progress:



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